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Pointed Toward the Universe with Obvious Yearning: Michelle Stuart at Galerie Lelong, Degree Critical

The most essential element of existence is interaction. Every molecule, mountain, and collapsing star is the result of how it interacts with the universe. The same standard applies to humans, despite our predilection for believing that we alone can exist as discrete entities. Many people love to insist that they were the first to discover a particular idea or place, or that their actions are not related to undesirable consequences. This kind of arrogant skirting of responsibility has led to our current environmental and social crises, and must be stopped. Instead, we must encourage the acknowledgement—or, better yet, the celebration—of the eons of inter-generational, -biological, -chemical, and -experiential collaboration that has resulted in our current cosmic environment. Multi-media artist Michelle Stuart has been exploring and illustrating these connections for over fifty years.

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