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Cut-Up at Franklin Street Works, Daily Serving

“Everything in the world began with a yes. One molecule said yes to another molecule and life was born,” professes Clarice Lispector in the first lines of her 1977 novel, The Hour of the Star. Like the universe, art also begins with a yes. Some yeses are small: get out of bed today, put this image next to that one. Other yeses are bigger: continue affirming the validity of my presence, let go of assumed truths and embrace the miraculous unknown. The most productive yeses often occur when we welcome the primordial chaos of incomplete ideas and allow new meaning to grow out of incongruities. In Cut-Up: Contemporary Collage and Cut-Up Histories through a Feminist Lens, curated by the artist Katie Vida at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, Connecticut, the works of twenty-two artists demonstrate the potential of jumbling discordant materials and ideas.

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