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Turning the Digital into the Material, with Feng Shui, Hyperallergic

Digital data has become one of the most integral and misunderstood resources in contemporary society. In many parts of the world, people go about their daily lives completely saturated with the digital. Yet few have a firm grasp of what the nebulous technological product really is. One of the major contributions to our confusion stems from the difficulty of conceptualizing its materiality: we see the products of digital information all the time but rarely its origin or process. Where does all our data go when it’s not illuminated on a screen? How does a virtual object gain significance? These uncertainties directly relate to the ways in which we, as individual subjects, interact with digital technology. In the exhibition Subsurface Hell at bitforms gallery, Sara Ludy materializes her digital experiences. And by using aspects of the ancient Chinese philosophical system of feng shui to inform her work, she creates artworks that exist in contradictory states of artificial and natural beauty.

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